TCNJ Asian American Association


Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Javascript

This site is a complete redesign of the old TCNJ AAA site - I started from scratch on all aspects of the site. This project was developed during most of the summer of 2007, and completed in time for the new school year. The templating, backend, and DB interaction is done in PHP and the rest of the site is done in HTML, CSS, and some Javascript. All the Events, Minutes, Leaders, and News are kept in a MySQL DB. The site went live on Aug. 16th 2007, and continues to be TCNJ AAA's official site. A new webmaster is now maintaining the site, but I still support development on this project.


Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS

This page was a good experience in overnight web-design. This project was completed within 48 hours of when it was brought to my attention, in order to be ready for an upcoming show. The templating is done in PHP and the rest of the site is just straight HTML and CSS - nothing flashy. Worked with RJ3Labs on the design and content of the site.



Technologies used: PHP, PDO, Smarty, XHTML, CSS, MySQL

For mentored research (for Dr. Peter DePasquale), I did development work during the Fall '09 semester on COMTOR (COMment menTOR), a source code analyzer. I mainly re-factored the installation system, and made it both more user-friendly, and much easier to expand/maintain in the future.

"Mystique of the East" 2009 - Teaser


Technologies used: Adobe Premiere

This short trailer was put together to promote TCNJ AAA's annual Mystique of the East cultural showcase. The entire video went from concept to debut in less than 24 hours, and was shown multiple times throughout the year to promote the event.



Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Javascript

This page was comissioned by the TCNJ chapter of MENC (Music Educators National Conference), June 2006. They were looking to redesign their old site, including adding new features and cleaning a few things up. The site design was completed in early August, and the launch date was September 12th, 2006. I was the active webmaster on this project, and was responsible for all maintinence and design modifications. The site was decomissioned in late 2008.

"We Mastered English Class!"


Technologies used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Sonic Acid Pro, VirtualDub

This video was made for Mrs. Mahevich's English 4 Honors class as the senior Final Project for myself and Christopher Fajardo. The music was written and recorded over the span of about 4 days in early May. The video was shot (with the aid of Stephanie Pypniowski) over the course of 2 days in the following week. The entire video took 1 day to edit and 2 minor days of tweaking. It debuted Period 5, May 17th, 2006 for our presentation to the class. The audio basetrack was arranged in Sony Acid Pro, and the project was recorded and mixed in Adobe Audition. The video was done entirely in Adobe Premiere Pro, with VirtualDub doing transcodes.

IHS Trumpet Section


Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS

This site was coded entirely from scratch, by hand. It's meant to be simple and low-bandwidth, as an information site accessible to all members. It was my first website to use PHP, and was more of an experiment than anything. The PHP in this site doesn't go beyond the template system, really. The site was maintained by another webmaster after my graduation, and then eventually phased-out of use.

IHS Model United Nations


Technologies used: Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS

This site was not coded by me, but is instead one that I maintained (along with ftfuchs). It has been running since May 2005 as a homepage and collaboration site for the Immaculata High School Model United Nations Team. The site previously ran Drupal, but we have found it to be less flexable than we were origionally intending for. We re-launched a new Wordpress-based site.

Think Different - Ed Webber


Technologies used: Adobe Premiere

This video was prepared out of sheer boredom. It took about a half an hour of editing time to complete. The video was done entirely in Adobe Premiere, and contains very little actual editing. A low-resolution copy is available here for download in MPEG-1 form.

"Who is Francis Pastorelle?"


Technologies used: Adobe Premiere

This video was commissioned by Francis Pastorelle for submission to Brown University. Francis worked with me on the editing of this video over a span of about 2-3 weeks. It was recently completed and is ~15 minutes in length.

How To Drive a Manual Transmission Automobile


Technologies used: Adobe Premiere

This video was prepared for Mr. Januzzi's Public Speaking class. It was commissioned by Borse in late September and was shown early October. It took about a week of on and off work to complete. This video was done entirely in Adobe Premiere, and does not contain all that much actual editing.

Continuity Project


Technologies used: Adobe Premiere

This project was made for a project for Mrs. Johnson's Calculus class. It was commissioned by RLO and Gasko late in September, and took two days of regular editing to complete. It was shown a week later in said class. This video was done entirely in Adobe Premiere, and involves a decent amount of actual editing.

Twice On This Island


Technologies used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Encore

Twice On This Island (TOTI) was made as a parody of Immaculata High School's 2005 production of Once On This Island. It was concieved and written by Mike Leonard, stars the stage crew of Once on This Island, and filmed over a span of two days of the last two performances. Later it was edited into musical numbers and released as a separate DVD and also on the Once on This Island produced through IHS. I was in charge of cinematography for this project, and spent alittle less than a month mastering it for release afterwards.

The Wizard of Oz - Wizard Video


Technologies used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, VirtualDub

This project was made because an effect for displaying the Wizard in IHS's 2004 production of The Wizard Of Oz was needed. I took the job about a month or so before the first performance, and in that time I edited the video including effects and mastering (mostly with Adobe After Effects). I also helped with the design of the digital projection system used in multiple sections of the performance.